the journey is the gift


Hey UNC students,

So the anti abortion activists will be on campus in front of Wilson Library tomorrow all day, I urge you that if you are triggered by the images of aborted fetuses, and images of genocide(holocaust images), please take alternative routes. Also, remember that they are NOT allowed to harass you. Prioritize your health!

Also the UNC Women’s Center and LGBTQ Center are open to students who need a safe space to talk.

If any of y’all hungry college students love pancakes and breakfast for dinner, consider coming out to Breakfast for Bethesda next Thursday at the Phi Beta Chi house!! Tickets are $5 from any sister (ME ME ME!!!) or $7 at the door. Proceeds will benefit Bethesda Lutheran Communities, which provide services to mentally and physically handicapable individuals. (The PBX house is on Hillsborough Street across from Townhouse Apartments!!)

Found a roommate, finally! :)


just officially committed to UNC :)

can’t wait!

Where all da UNC Class of 2017 peeps at?

Okay, so when I go to college this fall I want to have one of those showings of the Rocky Horror Picture Show where you interact and everything like that.


I may cry. I got my financial aid award from Chapel Hill…

:( :( :(

UNC Class of 2017 peeps, message me on here and link me to your Facebook so I can add you to the official class of 2017 group!

i promise i’m not a creep